Best of the James Bay survey results

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The results of the Best of the James Bay survey we sent out a few months back are in! While we admit this is not a scientific poll, we are certainly pleased and very amused by the hilarious answers that several of our respondents provided. Our apologies if your name or business is misspelled, we did the best with the names that were submitted and not all of them turned up in our Google searches or in the James Bay phonebook.

Everyone who was nominated for an individual category was entered into a random draw for our grand prize of free return flights from Eeyou Istchee to Montreal or from Montreal to Eeyou Istchee for winners and a guest. A big thanks to Air Creebec and congratulations to our winner Josie Cox! Please contact or Joshua Grant at 514-272-3077 to claim your prize.

Without further ado, here is your Best of the James Bay for 2016:

1a. Best community contribution (male)

Tommy Bobbish

Honourable mentions: Brian Bearskin, Roy Neacappo, Gregory Louttit

1b. Best community contribution (female)

Daisy House

Honourable mentions: Deborah Wapachee, Ancita Bugden, Heather House, Paula Petawabano, Cindy Coonishish

2a. Most Outstanding Elder (male)

Robbie Matthew

2b. Most Outstanding Elder (female)

Jane Kitchen, Beulah Stewart, Bestie Jolly

  1. Most Outstanding Youth

Elton John Salt, Kimberly Wapachee

  1. Most Outstanding Tallyman

Connor Zephyrine, Elmer Cookish, Charles Cheezo

  1. Best Hunter

George Petawabano, Tom Henry Shecapio, Gregory Louttit, Terence Audlarock

  1. Loudest Hunter

Jerry Coon

  1. Best fisher

Paul Bobbish

Honourable mention: Gaston Cooper

  1. Fastest Goose Plucker

Willie Sam, Rock Sheshamush, Laura Wapachee Gray, Alice MacLeod

  1. Best Storyteller (legends, fishing and hunting stories)

Fred Tomatuk, Thomas Coon

  1. Best Bush Camp

Adam Chiskamish, Mirage, LG-3 (km 10 past the dam), Roggan River, Louise Joliette

  1. Best Politician

Matthew Mukash

  1. Most disliked politician (Cree or non-Cree)

Donald Trump

  1. Best Public Speaker

Keith Bearskin

  1. Cree Most Likely To Change The System

Robert Baribeau

  1. Cree Most Likely To Lead Us In The Next Generation

Rodney Mark, Robert Baribeau

  1. Best Police Officer

George Shem, Shannon Nakogee

  1. Best social worker

Damien Spencer

  1. Best Teacher

Eric Grimstead, Edith Matoush, Nikki Baribeau, the late Martha Bearskin

19a. Best Male Athlete

Adam Cheezo

Honourable mentions: Carey Price, Shea Weber

19b. Best Female Athlete

Thia Bearskin

20a. Best Male Cook


20b. Best Female Cook

“my Mom”

21a. Best Male Artist

Darwin Sam

21b. Best Female Artist

Angel Baribeau

  1. Best Coach

Trevor Monahan

  1. Best Fiddler

Johnny Shecapio

24a. Best Male Musician

Pakesso Mukash

24b. Best Female Musician

Kimberly Wapachee

  1. Best Band/Musical Group

Cree Rising

  1. Best Drumming Group (Cree or non-Cree)

Roy Neacappo’s gang

27a. Best Traditional Dancer

Gabriel Whiteduck, Josie Cox, Paula Menarick

28b. Best Square Dancer

Joshua Iserhoff, Amy Fireman, Brenda Rose Wapachee

  1. Biggest Cultural Contribution

William Cox, Jamie Moses, Kenny Blacksmith

  1. Best Powwow/Summer Games

Fort George Mamoweedow

  1. Best Traditional Craftsperson

Abraham Cox Sr., Tim Whiskeychan

  1. Best Cree Media Personality

Romeo Saganash

Honourable mentions: David Hodges, Will Nicholls

  1. Best Cree Entity/Corporation

Cree Construction (CCDC)

  1. Best Cree Employer

Cree Construction (CCDC)

  1. Funniest Cree

Gabriel Herodier, Robert Baribeau

  1. Biggest Gossip

Alexa Jolly, Gregory Louttit, cake drama, Waskaganish, Stephanie Maskino, Sandra Shecapio

  1. Smartest Cree

The late Lawrence Jimiken

  1. Best Nickname

Jigela Clarence Lameboy, Sawe (Terrence Duff), Willow (Gabriel Audlarock), Mitsch Edward nine o’clock

  1. Cree Closest To Sainthood

Chief Darlene Cheechoo

  1. Best Yard

Andy Baribeau

  1. Best Logo (entities, corporations)

Gestion ADC, Big River Transport, Cree Women’s Association

  1. Coolest Vehicle (car, boat, truck etc.)

Kyle Mark’s Dodge Ram, Andrew Coonishish’s boat

  1. Nicest Smile

Wabinjuksh Wapachee

  1. Nicest Person

Gloria Tanoush, Curtis Bearskin, Judy Cooper, Mariah Gordon, Melissa Smithman

  1. Best Pool Player

Charles W. Bobbish (a.k.a. Junior), Damien Spencer, Sharon Blackned, “that guy who beat me in Radisson”

  1. Best Checkers Player

“that old guy there”

  1. Best Spot For UFO Sighting

James Bay Highway, “the sky”

  1. Most Charitable Cree Company/Entity

Cree Construction (CCDC)

  1. Best Band Council


  1. Worst Band Council



James Bay Consumer Awards

  1. Best Auto Dealer

Hardy Ringuette

  1. Best Snowmobile Dealer

Sports Plein Air Gagnon

  1. Best Restaurant


  1. Worst Restaurant

Waswanipi Cafeteria

  1. Best Hamburger

Dionne Burger, Pashmoar, Carlo’s Chip Stand, Camp Némiscau CCDC

  1. Best Pizza

Boston Pizza, Delissio, Pashmoar Pizza

  1. Best Bar/Club

Whapmagoostui Social Club

  1. Best Grocery Store


  1. Rowdiest Bar


  1. Best Hotel

Waastooskun Inn Chisasibi, Jimmy Ekomiak’s house

  1. Best Hunting Supplies

Cree Sports, Nord-Select

  1. Best Fishing Supplies

Cree Sports, Northern, Nord-Select

  1. Best Sports Supplies

Cree Sports

  1. Best Bridal Shop


  1. Best Flower Shop


  1. Best Jewellery Store


  1. Best Children’s Store

Toys “R” Us

  1. Best Furniture Shop

Ameublement, “the dump”

  1. Best Music Shop


  1. Coolest Clothing Store


  1. Cheapest Clothing Store


  1. Best Gift Shop

Radisson gift shop

  1. Best Hair Salon

Hair by Flair

  1. Best Hairdresser

Minnie Bullfrog, Anita Spencer

  1. Favourite Airline

Air Creebec

  1. Best Overall Business

Creeco (CCDC)

  1. Friendliest Staff/Best Service

Hampton Inn

  1. Best Tournament

Chisasibi senior tournament

  1. Wildest Tournament

Val-d’Or senior tournament

  1. Favourite Musical Album

Dreams by the NorthStars, James Bay Cree compilation

  1. Favourite Musical Group

The NorthStars

  1. Best Cree Business

Piimii Plus

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