Category: Rez Notes

Traveling Man

Flying over the river coming in for a landing from the west, I see the ice clinging to the shoreline and someone’s snowshoe tracks trying to cross over the Chisasibi. It looked like the lone snowshoe trekker turned back and […]

A winter worthy of its name

Wow… what a winter! My shovel is my best friend these days and like most of our best friends, it’s there when I need it. These past few months brings back old memories of weather like this. However, I didn’t […]

Surfing for faith

One’s faith is determined by the belief in one person or a collective. One’s faith can grow and expand onto others quickly, some take centuries to flourish, some are done in secret and some right out in the open. Whatever […]

Tea & Bannock: Mary

I moved up north, over a year ago, for many reasons. Nuuhkum was one of them. Because of life circumstances, I grew up away from her. I’ve always been very close to my grandparents on my mom’s side, but nuuhkum […]

January chilling

The New Year seems to have crept by this year, lingering on for a week or so before I noticed any real action in terms of people heading back to work again. The weather is a little ornery though and […]

Disaster free

As the New Year approaches, we now see that 2018 was a fairly calamity-free year. No real doomsday indicators popped up. Perhaps a green comet buzzing by, but that’s about it. Except of course these events: North and South Korea […]

First and Last

“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” – President Barack Obama, September 23, 2014 Quite a mouthful to swallow! Considering the world we see changing […]

Oh Christmas Mulch

This Christmas I’ve decided to go a little greener and a little more Scroogier. Not that I don’t like Christmas, but I don’t get off on all the materialistic stuff with the waste that ends up slowly killing our planet. […]

You ill what you eat

I once observed my nephew conduct an observation study on a burger from a very popular fast food chain (starts with an M, ends with an s). In his study, he purchased the popular beef burger and kept it in […]

Alive and well

Eons ago, at the end of the last century, a small troupe of youthful artists got together and came up with the idea of going for it, yes, carrying out their dreams. One fine lad dreamt of becoming a big-time […]