– Cheezo wins Eastmain election

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The Eastmain runoff election on April 8 resulted in a change in leadership in the coastal community. Kenneth Cheezo received 189 votes (60%) of the 313 that were cast, while incumbent Chief Johnny Tomatuk garnered 121.

In the first round of voting March 23, Tomatuk led Cheezo by a mere 6%, claiming 99 ballots to Cheezo’s 79, and the vote was rounded out by four other candidates: Stanley Gilpin, Kenneth Gilpin, Edward Gilpin and Adrian Cheezo.

In the race for deputy, Emily Whiskeychan maintained her majority of the vote over Gregory Mayappo, taking home 170 of 313 ballots to Mayappo’s 142.

Emily Whiskeychan and Rusty Cheezo were voted in as Board of Compensation representatives, Kenneth Gilpin was elected as Cree Nation Governance Representative and Daniel Mark-Stewart, Raymond Shanush and Graham Cheezo selected as Eastmain’s band councillors.

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