Concerts for Youth Voters in Offshore Islands Referendum

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As promised by the Grand Council, after an unprecedented number of youth voted in the offshore islands referendum earlier this year, for coming out in such strong numbers the Cree nation youth will be rewarded with two concerts.

The shows will happen in Mistissini on October 8 and in Chisasibi on October 9. The lineup includes DJs Team Canada and Danny Fernandes who will open for headliner, Finger Eleven.

According to Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff, concert-goers will need bracelets from their local youth councils to ensure that all youth wishing to attend the shows will be permitted entrance. Once they have filed in, the concert will be opened up to the rest of the population if there is space remaining.

“During the referendum we had to get at least 50% of the population plus one. Certainly, with the participation in any referendum there was no way we could have carried this out with the high percent that was required and so we got creative and started using social networking to attract the young people to get involved. In doing that we were well aware that we needed to develop some incentives. There were some suggestions for iPods and iPads and inviting a band to entertain them as part of an appreciation for the turn out.

If I remember correctly there were close to 4000 who came out,” said Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come.

For more info, contact your local youth council.


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