Congratulations to the 2016-17 Cree School Board Grads

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Another school year has come and gone and along the way friends were made, and interesting times were had – some better than others. But there were also accomplishments and as this school year drifts into another recognition is due to those who were successful despite the struggles.

It’s time again to honour our future leaders and those who will form the foundations of our society.

As Phillip Awashish said during his speech to the Assembly of First Nations last summer, “I am sometimes asked, ‘Where are the youth in your story?’ I answer, ‘We were the youth!’”

So as graduates enter the next phase of their lives, it is with heartfelt gratitude and admiration that we here at the Nation say congratulations! And more importantly, we look forward to seeing your future accomplishments.

2016-17 High School Graduates

Waskaganish: Selena Blackned, Wilyssa Blackned-Moses, Marcus Blueboy-Weistche, Carlyn Diamond, Kirsten McLeod, Mark Moar-Mapachee, Kevin Moses, Jovani Stephen-Moses, Silas Trapper-Diamond and Waaseskun Trapper

Oujé-Bougoumou: Xandra Bosum, Cole Brazeau, Tyler Bush, Solomon Mianscum and Miguel Shecapio-Blacksmith 

Waswanipi: Daagoden Blacksmith, Felicity Blacksmith, Jenna Blueboy, Angela Diamond, Selena Gull, Shaquille Gull, Cherish Gull-Cooper, Léa-Sigoon Nayassit, Terianne Otter, Brianna Ottereyes-Tanoush and Joel Ratte

Mistissini: Angel Baribeau, Yoshtin Diamond-Coonishish, Nicklas Gunner, Julie-Ann Jolly, Marcus Lameboy, Myles Mainscum, Amanda Neeposh, Judith Neeposh, Michael Petawabano, Julianna Shecapio and Eliana Voyageur

Eastmain: Chaz Gilpin, Keesha Gilpin, Linsey Gilpin-Spencer, Nikita Mayappo and Brooklyn Moses

Wemindji: Yana Atsynia, Alyssa Georgekish, Emilia Gilpin,Tanner Gilpin, Wanda Miniquaken, Cherish Mistacheesick, Tommy-Lee Ottereyes, Amy Stewart and Bertha Visitor   

Whapmagoostui: Bryan Atchynia, Wasashkun Atchynia, Jasmine Louttit, Jessie Masty, Trinity Napash-Mukash, Nicholas Petagumskum, Davina Rupert and Makayla Rupert-Sheshamush

Chisasibi: Kane Bearskin (History Exemption), Paule Bearskin, Roberta Bearskin, Johnny Cookish, Tristan Dixon, Carolyn Duff, Ashley Fireman, Mayson Kitty, Yasmine Lafond, Joey Mark-Stewart, Tara-Lee Martinhunter-Hester, Ryan Meilleur, Leila Moar, Paulette Napash, Mark Neacappo, Kayla Pepabano, Camille Roy, Marcus Rupert, Casey Shem, Savanah Shem, Tyson Spencer, Angel Tapiatic and Marlana Trapper

Nemaska: Roslin Jolly and Lyle Kitchen




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