Cree School Board holds election run-off

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The August 12 election for Cree School Board chairman has resulted in yet another run-off election this summer.

Since there was a tie for second place between Alfred Coonishish and Reggie David Neposh, they unanimously decided to challenge Gordon Blackned to a run-off election since none of the candidates managed to clear 50% of the vote.

The run-off election will be held on August 26 and 27.

The results of the August 12 vote are as follows:

Gordon Blackned     1,181  43.13%

George Blacksmith     372   13.59%

Alfred Coonishish      406   14.83%

Reggie David Neeposh 406   14.83%

Donald Nicholls     373   13.62%

The result of a recount on August 13:

Alfred Coonishish    407

Reggie David Neeposh 407

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