DESD creates entrepreneur fund

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The Department of Economic and Sustainable Development (DESD), in conjunction with the Cree Regional Authority, has created the Cree Entrepreneurship Assistance Fund (CEAF) to provide business owners with grants.

Managed by the business bureau of the DESD, the grants will be issued to expand and create Cree-operated small and medium businesses within Eeyou/Eenou territory, to update existing business resources and to promote sustainable development within the region.

Grants are provided to small businesses whose annual revenues do not exceed $2.5 million and range between $5000 and $500,000 per project.

The project is linked with the Strategic Framework of Economic Development in Eeyou Itschee and must comply with the six pillars of economic success outlined by the DESD. These are to ensure the quality of life of the Cree nation, protect environmental assets, honour Cree culture and identity, empower youth as future leaders, promote education and training and ensure sustainability of ventures.

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