First Woman to lead Algonquin Anishinabeg National Council

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History was made this month when Alice Jerome was elected during a vote held July 13 to lead the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation Tribal Council as Grand Chief. She will be the first female Grand Chief since the Council’s founding in 1992.

Jerome won the race when another candidate, Larry Whiteduck, withdrew his candidacy. Whiteduck secured a seat on the Council through the vote. Jerome’s term, as well as for the other elected members, will last four years.

Preservation of Anishinabe language and culture are top priority for Grand Chief Jerome as well as working to for further economic development of the communities and territory.

“I am particularly pleased to represent the Nation and I intend to build on the foundations of the work done by those who have preceded me in this position,” Jerome said, “My priority is to develop solidarity among us in our actions and to establish strong links between our communities. I do not make promises, but I hope that we can achieve concrete results in our work.”

Aside from the position of Grand Chief, all of the other offices up for election were contested. Vice Grand Chief went to Verna Polson of Eagle Village. The Elders’ Representative selected was Pierre Papatie along with Mrs. Jeannette Brazeau-Papatie, , who was chosen as the Women’s Representative. Both Papatie and Brazeau-Papatie are from Lac Simon. Chosen to represent youth was Kim McDougall of Pikogan.

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