Goeland project moving along

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It looks like mining companies have finally learned that the only way they can set up shop in Eeyou Istchee is by making cooperative agreements that work with the communities to provide better prosperity and environmental sustainability. The Cree Nation of Waswanipi signed a Pre-Development Agreement (PDA) with Canada Rare Earths to develop the Goeland rare earth mine.


This follows the agreement signed on October 20, between the First Nation of Waswanipi and the Grand Council of the Crees with Geomega Resources Inc. regarding the Montviel project.


This PDA will ensure that there will be jobs and business opportunities for the Crees starting from the pre-development phase all the way to the eventual production. In return for signing the agreement, the Cree will be part of the development of the mine making sure it works with the needs of the community as well as the environment.


Waswanipi will also be receiving funds every year for the duration of the agreement as a part of the mining company’s commitment to the community.

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