Goose Call Contest winners

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The Nation would like to congratulate the winners of our annual Goose Call contest: Sophia Cheezo from Eastmain, Howard MacDonald of Wemindji and Chris Quinn from Mistissini. Each will receive a complementary “Goose Break” custom goose call made by Recall Designs.

Our first winner Sophia Cheezo is currently living in Val-d’Or with her son Evander for school, but both are excited to be spending a week out on the land at their camp in Eastmain this spring. She submitted an old photo of Evander honing his shooting skills.

Evander Cheezo, submitted by mother SophiaDylan MacDonald - WemindjieditGoose Hunt 003

“Here is a picture of my son Evander Cheezo,” she said. “He was practicing his aim. This is one of my and his grandpa’s favourite pictures of him. He was 7 in this picture and is now 9 years old. He enjoys hunting birds, ptarmigan and ruffled grouse with his pellet gun. He makes me proud when he provides small game and he shares his kill with his great-great-grandmother and grandmother. He even delivered one ptarmigan to his grandpa in Chisasibi from Eastmain! He looks forward to when he can go goose hunting.”

Howard MacDonald also submitted a photo of his son, Dylan (featured on the cover of this issue). The picture was taken in the community of Wemindji and captioned by Howard, “My son at the blind during early spring.”

Chris Quinn’s photo submission shows him relaxing on a pile of freshly caught geese after a long day at the blind in Mistissini. The Nation decided to take pity on Chris because he’s one of only a handful of Cree fans of the Chicago Blackhawks and his team hasn’t been doing so well in their first round playoff series against the Nashville Predators. Hopefully he has more luck in the bush than his team has had on the ice!


Thank you to Rhéal Charlebois from Recall Designs for sponsoring this contest. Be sure to check out his beautiful custom calls and other hunting gear and accessories at Once again, congratulations to our winners and please be in touch if you haven’t already so we can mail you your prize. Happy hunting and enjoy a safe Goose Break.


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