Goose thief caught in Chisasibi

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In early September, Chisasibi police received multiple complaints for reported break-ins and thefts of frozen geese from the freezers in residents’ homes.

According to Chisasibi Police Director Samuel House, Barry Bearskin Sr. was arrested carrying a hunter’s packsack containing several frozen geese. Bearskin was known to police who were aware that there had been reports of the missing waterfowl.

There have been similar incidents in Chisasibi and police believe that these can be traced back to the same culprit.

Bearskin has been charged with breaking-and-entering and theft. House said the suspect had previously lived in Eastmain and that community experienced similar incidents while Bearskin was living there. The police are theorizing that alcohol could have been a factor in the break-ins. Police can confirm that the suspect has been convicted before for similar charges.

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