Great Whale murder-suicide shocks locals

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On March 13, the funeral of Victor Sam Weetaltuk, 22, the victim of a murder-suicide, was held in the twin Inuit and Cree communities of Kuujjaraapik  and Whapmagoostui.

The Nation extends its deepest condolences to the families of the victims for their painful losses. A tragedy such as this is hard to understand let alone explain, but with the help of family, friends and community the pain can be overcome.

The incident took place late at night on March 7, when Aakava Horne, 32, shot Weetaltuk from outside his home through the living room window and then turned the gun on himself. The living victims in all of this are their children who have become fatherless overnight.

Although both victims were Inuit, the close-knit nature of the two communities has left everyone in a state of shock. The tragedy was even worse for Weetaltuk’s family members who witnessed the shooting.

The Quebec provincial police said the root of this murder-suicide was jealousy. The two bodies have been flown to Montreal for autopsies. According to police, no charges will be laid in these deaths as the situation is “pretty clear”.

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