Man stabbed and medivaced out of Whapmagoostui

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Constable Johnny Kawapit of the Eeyou Eenou Police Force in Whapmagoostui confirmed that on June 26, police received a call from the local nurse to look into an apparent stabbing.

The call came in at around 3:58 pm – about 14 hours after first responders went to the home of Brian Atchynia around 2:00 am after receiving a call for assistance. Police were contacted when the local medical staff decided that Atchynia’s injuries were severe enough to warrant him being medivaced out for treatment elsewhere.

“The nurse was unable to tell if Atchynia had been stabbed or had fallen accidentally onto a sharp object. As a result, police were only called into investigate later on.

“The victim was unable to recall any of the events that led up to his injuries and police suspect that alcohol played a role in this assault. So far nobody has been charged in the incident,” said Kawapit.

An investigation into Atchynia’s injuries remains open at this time.

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