New President for Air Creebec Announced

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Air Creebec is proud to announce that as of December 16, their new president is Waswanipi resident Matthew Happyjack.

Happyjack has been with Air Creebec since its very beginning though he has left and returned to the company on several occasions. He said he spent about 75% of the company’s existence with them.

Among other positions, he has been on the Board of Compensation for 20 years. Happyjack was related to the Albert Diamond who he is succeeding as president.

Though Diamond’s shoes will be difficult to fill, Happyjack is excited about his new position, particularly as Air Creebec is a successful, profitable Cree company.

In regards to his new position, Happyjack said, “I am a team player and I have a team approach. I think that when you work as a team, obtaining your goals is much easier.”

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