Saganash backs Mulcair

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Romeo Saganash, MP of Abitibi–Baie James–Nunavik–Eeyou, was the first Aboriginal person to run for the leadership of a major Canadian political party. After dropping out of the NDP leadership race in early February, Saganash’s supporters awaited his endorsement of one of the remaining six candidates: Peggy Nash, Brian Topp, Thomas Mulcair, Paul Dewar, Nikki Ashton, Nathan Cullen or Martin Singh.

On March 7, Saganash announced that he would be backing former opponent Mulcair in the NDP leadership race. “Of all my great colleagues who have offered to be our next leader, I believe that Tom is best able to lead all Canadians into that better future together,” said Saganash.

Saganash supported Mulcair because of his ability to bring Canadians together. “Tom has shown throughout this race that he has the ability to bring progressive Canadians of all stripes together, united under the NDP banner. We can create the better country that we all seek and I have great confidence that Tom will lead us to victory in 2015,” added Saganash.

The vote for the leadership of the NDP will take place on March 24 in Toronto.

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