Sagkeeng First Nation Lottery Winners Play Santa

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Since winning the $50 million jackpot in the November 6 Lotto Max draw, Kirby and Marie Fontaine have spread some of the wealth around their Manitoba First Nations reserve.

In what is being called one of the largest family wins in Canadian lottery history, the Fontaines have already spent approximately $1 million of their winnings on their 22 family members, distributing cash and new vehicles.

The couple has also put money forward to fund a hockey team for youth, including paying for new, top-of-the-line equipment and they are in talks with local officials to fund a hot-meal program at a community school.

Kirby Fontaine has also created make-work programs for locals on the reserve by paying men $100 a day to beautify the neighbourhood by having them clear away and burn brush on the side of Sagkeeng’s roads.

At the time of the couple’s huge lottery win, Kirby Fontaine had actually been off work, recovering from a stroke. His wife had been employed at a local care home.

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