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Grand Canal project

I was surprised to see the Nation give the Montreal Economic Institute’s “study” on the transfer of Cree water to the U.S. via the Grand Canal scheme (Vol. 16, No. 19). This scheme has been around since the 1960s, and […]

International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

Fifteen years ago, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared the 9th of August “International Day of the World’s Indigenous People”. It is a crucial event for Aboriginal people around the world, celebrated every year by the international community. […]

Algonquins Protest with AFN Chief Atleo for Education Rights

The Algonquin community of Kitigan Zibi held a rally on Highway 105 in protest of the chronic underfunding of First Nations education, particularly for on-reserve schools. New National Grand Chief Shawn Atleo protested in solidarity with the community. Residents took […]

Donald Marshall, R.I.P.

With a heavy heart, we mourn the passing on Donald Marshall (Sept. 13, 1953–Aug. 6, 2009), a man who stood up for his rights as an Aboriginal. In 1971, the 17-year-old Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq was wrongly convicted of a murder […]

Lower prices with a new road?

Matthew Salt of Waskaganish responds to the comment in the “To pave or not to pave” article (Vol 16, Issue 20) about linking lower-priced consumer goods with the building a road to Whapmagoostui. “This reasoning was talked about in Waskaganish, […]

APTN turns 10

On September 1, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) turns 10. The anniversary will be celebrated with a 90-minute special, called Milestones, Memories and Moving Forward, which will be broadcast on that evening at 9pm. Starring Lorne Cardinal, the show […]

Cree School Board holds election run-off

The August 12 election for Cree School Board chairman has resulted in yet another run-off election this summer. Since there was a tie for second place between Alfred Coonishish and Reggie David Neposh, they unanimously decided to challenge Gordon Blackned […]

Muskwa and her babies

I am not an early riser, so it was with some difficulty when I had to wake up at five in the morning for a short fishing trip with some friends of mine. Rob and his son Jack are southerners […]

Space Indian

We’ve all stared into space and wondered what it would be like to be up there in the cosmos looking down at our planet. Only a handful of individuals have had that kind of experience – and one of them […]

Empowering art

The Native Friendship Centre of Montreal (MFCM) has a fantastic youth centre called the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre of Montreal (ITYC) which boasts a stone-carving room and a music room as well as being well equipped to carry out numerous activities […]