Change and continuity

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Every year the Nation enters stories we have published over the previous year in the Quebec Community Newspapers Association awards competition. Usually, it is the individual writers, photographers and designers who are honoured, but the awards we receive are all the result of a team effort.

Without the support of copy editors, accountants, administrative staff, salespeople and many others, the Nation would falter. This teamwork has helped us survive since we published our first issue back in 1993.

It is an honour to provide the only independent print news publication for the Cree of James Bay. At times it is may be difficult but it’s never boring. Throughout the years we have made many changes, evolving from what some would call an old-school design. The older printers loved it, because black and white makes their lives a lot easier. I remember one telling us it was great to pull out the old equipment and tell the newbies at the print shop that’s how they did it in the olden days.

Over the past year I am sure many readers have noticed the visual changes we have been making to your news magazine. These were carefully planned and implemented to reflect a more vibrant and colourful vision of the Cree Nation. After all, our people have changed to embrace the world around us, and it follows that we should as well.

We are proud that a young photographer, Trish Chiasson, took home first place in the Feature Photo category at the QCNA awards. But it wouldn’t have happened without the design prowess of our new graphic designer, Matthew Dessner, who is responsible for much of the new, vibrant look in the Nation’s pages in recent months. She made his job easier, but he made her work look dynamic – all to the benefit of our readers.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the commitment to provide our readers with the best possible product we can. The proof of that is how our peers in the newspaper industry honour our efforts every year. This year was no different.

Check out page 39 for details on our awards haul this year. We are mighty proud. As editor-in-chief I am pleased with the recognition of the Nation’s role as a community newspaper for so many communities. No other community paper in Quebec has such a large coverage and distribution area.

I congratulate not only this year’s award winners, but all the staff here at the Nation for their dedication to serving the Cree of James Bay.

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