Cree and vegetarian (Creegetarian)

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It was the year 2000 in “The Skag” when I chose to become a vegetarian. Two years later I discovered Gramma Iserhoff’s traditional dishes. I will tell you though; those two years were the healthiest of my life. I had energy. I was lean. I was hot. I was like a gazelle in the streets of Montreal. I tried this “white” lifestyle because it seemed the only people practicing this lifestyle were our white friends, perhaps a few black, Asian and Latino. But anyhow, if you browse vegetarian websites you’ll see why I say this.

As with anything in the life, it all started with a friend. We usually follow a friend or they follow us. Heather Waugh – the whitest friend I’ve ever had – was promoted to BFF status. We were inseparable. At first I didn’t understand why she didn’t eat my good cooking and my friends will tell you that I am good cook! She had mentioned to me on several occasions that she was vegetarian. I thought they ate meat only on rare occasions – perhaps they eat a little chicken or a tiny piece of moose on the side. Nope! For the next couple of weeks whenever I invited her for supper I’d heat up fries for her. No wonder her skin was like that of a porcelain doll.

Ms. Waugh (now Mrs.) introduced and explained the word vegetarian for me. It was so interesting and such a different world for me. I couldn’t grasp the idea of not devouring moose filet mignon or sigabon. She gave me a book and I read up on it. We began to cook meals together and slowly I became a vegetarian. No goose, no moose, no rabbit, no fish, no chicken. Basically I didn’t eat anything with a brain. For the two years I gave up all meat, poultry and seafood. I did it for health reasons and perhaps even living a longer life.

To give you more, here’s an excerpt from the Vegetarian Times website: “A vegetarian diet reduces the risk for chronic degenerative diseases such as obesity, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and certain types of cancer including colon, breast, prostate, stomach, lung and esophageal cancer.”

Henry Cannashish from Mistissini is not a vegetarian but had kidney complications. Doctors gave him year to live. He started eating well. He swears by pomegranate and I’ve just seen him – he looks great and his doctors are amazed at his health. Again, Henry did it for health reasons and I know he wants to stay longer with his dear wife Lillian. I want the same for all of us – staying healthy and eating right.

Thirteen years later, I’ve again decided to join the “Sheshee Poopoo” club. I have officially renounced my meat consumption for an undetermined time. I am not joining PETA because you all know I love fur and I love fashion and I think Anna Wintour would love me even now. Hey, I kill it and I eat it. Today is different, I kill it and I give it away!

Not only am I eliminating meat but I am also ditching chocolate, pop and vino. Chips I’ll indulge on occasions. As Joan Collins has brutally said once: “If you eat junk you look like junk.” Harsh but she does have a point. Join the healthy club my friends!

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