Goose break memories

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PastedGraphic-2After weeks of meetings, endless texting and sympathetic “likes” on Facebook, I graciously agreed to an invitation for a weekend goose hunt in Alfred, Ontario.

“The Colony” was one big happy family. I was greeted with hugs and confused questions: “What brings you here? “Do you hunt?” “I didn’t know you hunted!” I would then slap back with quirky comeback!

Emily Cowboy and her aunt Sarah were the colony’s go-to ladies. Pascal, a dear friend of the Cree, made every Eeyou comfortable at his Motel Rouleau, complete with free WiFi! Truly a modern Cree hunt experience. If I had billions, I would have pulled a “Kim Basinger” and bought the town!

By the way, the motel is full next year. Not even my puss’n’boots face could convince the owner to boot any of the regulars for next year. I truly loved my time with the colony. Thanks to Bella Petawabano, the chairperson of the Cree Health Board Chair (and my personal plucker), I was able to enjoy a nice comfy room with no end tables and lamps. Thank goodness for iPhone flashlight.

Nothing beats being the comfort of hunting in Eeyou Istchee. However, the difference is when hunting in the fields, goose honk from east to west, north to south, top to bottom – they’re everywhere! I couldn’t relax! Goose honking all day and night can drive you nuts, especially when you’re about to sleep.

Therefore I am fond of our blind at Oubajuksh Point, just across form Don’s Point here in Mistissini. We always look to one direction, usually south and wait. I have mastered the art of patience at the blind, not so much for long-winded people at meetings. The Iserhoff clan and the Macleod clan have killed thousands over the years and Judy Macleod can attest to this story because she has a front-row seat to the show! If you are wondering about my vegetarian ways, yes I am still faithful to my tofu.

It’s not how many geese you were able to kill but it does feel good to leave the zero club. In the end, it’s more about family time than anything else. It’s about the memories.

I still remember the good times we had at late Johnny Whiskeychan’s territory in Waskaganish. I also recall the late John Tent’s regular evening visits when he invited us to stay at Gamindoodaoukutch at Rupert River. Or the year I made the late Dinah Jolly laugh hysterically because of my stories. I think of the Eastmain Eeyouch at High Rocks. Fred Tomatuk’s camp remembers me in the 1980s as the boy who loved to dance fiddle.

I am filled with great memories, especially the times that I made new friends such as the late Jibou from Eastmain. Wherever we may pitch our tent, or rent a motel on a nearby field, we the Cree are always ready to mingle and hunt with our fellow Cree. It’s a time where we come together and feast! I am grateful to have shared many goose breaks with my Elders. I am humbled to have them in my heart. I hope Pascal calls me before Christmas – mother is excited already! #Goosebreak2014

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