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My throne speech

It’s that time of the decade again: the election for head honcho of the Crees of Northern Quebec. As I write this, there is little to speak of when it comes to unearthing scandals or uncovering dirt on the candidates. […]

The outdoor pharmacy

I was coughing viciously and constantly. We were 250 kilometres from any sort of modern medical care, and in the final days of filming deep in the wilderness called home. The director was getting a little annoyed at my unrelenting […]

Beam me up, Scottie

Once upon a time, I believed that the sun went up and down, the stars were few and far apart, the moon always appeared the same, that the rocks on the shores of James Bay had looked the same for […]

Googoo gaga

Googoo gaga

I was gurgling and making strange guttural noises as my eyes rolled about horribly. And as I approached the pouting one, he cracked a smile and emitted a chuckle. Phew, I was finally making progress. My little one-year-old grandson has […]

Snowshoe tales

My little moccasins crunched quietly in the snow, following the tracks my mother made ahead of me. I was pulling a tiny sled laden with a precious load of vaccines. Trudging along to the next house, we finally made it […]


I stepped outside on what was supposed to be a cold winter day in the middle of February and the first drops of rain landed on my jacket. Quickly, the raindrops turned into freezing rain, hitting the already slick snow-coated […]

No! You can’t!

Back in the day, parenting was a solemn duty to rear children who would one day make you proud. But this practice seems to be nearing some sort of event horizon. Sometimes, it feels that the child you raised is […]

Alternative reality

Recently, Donald Trump’s Skewed Information Team (SKIT, for short) coined a term that instantly reverberated around the world. They proclaimed the crowd at his January 20 inauguration ceremony to be far larger than any presidential inauguration in history. Was this […]

Alone at the goose blind

I was alone, or so I thought, at the goose blind one spring. The sound of footsteps behind me made me think that my hunting buddy had returned from the cabin for another round of hunting and waiting for the […]

Christmas glow

It was near the end of office-party season just before Christmas many moons ago. I was rushing out of a well-known hotel in downtown Montreal into a nasty day, with the wind blowing snow twisters down the street and spinning […]