The best gifts of all

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The holidays are upon us and it’s a wonderful how we gather together to celebrate them. At times, however, the celebrations can take a toll on our communities.

Every year we hear of accidents involving injuries and even the loss of loved ones. Many of these are alcohol-related.

So this year I have two recommendations. The first is something you hear every year around the holidays: ensure you have a designated driver. It may sound simple but it seems every year and not only during the holidays that this caution is forgotten. If you can, please offer to stay sober. One night of giving up a drink or 10 can be your Christmas gift to friends and family. Let them know this is for them and you love them and want them to be around for the year to come. If the party is at a home and no ride is available than have them sleep over. Insist on it as a group as it is more effective. Having someone sleep over is a lot better than the alternative.

Secondly, I would ask those who worship in our churches to be willing to help out their fellow man or woman if they don’t drink. It can even be part of a church fundraising effort. Volunteers could charge $10 or $15 for a ride and getting your vehicle home. A lot of good Samaritans can make a difference without making too much of an effort. Ensuring that the holidays are safe for all and that they don’t become a time of sorrow is a precious gift not only for the recipient(s) of the ride but for all those around them.

Well the holiday season is upon us and I don’t want to preach on and on so I’ll cut this short.

Just remember to take care of each other and to make sure everyone is okay. This means more than just the party. Make sure no one feels alone and lost during this time. Let’s all have a good memory to take on our journey through life and that means keeping the Cree traditions of caring and sharing as strong as we can.

All of us here at the Nation wish you the best not only for the holidays but for every day.

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